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Dog Groomer Overton, Kingsclere and Whitchurch Hampshire - from a bath and brush out to a full groom in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome to Furdresser Dog Grooming!

I offer a full grooming service for your beloved pooch and as I only have one dog at a time in the salon - your pet will receive my full attention at all times. I care deeply about animals so your dog will be looked after as if he or she were my own.

Why Do Our Dogs Need Grooming?

There are a number of reasons why we groom our pets, when we first bring them into our homes, a gentle brushing helps with the bonding process. All dogs need some degree of basic upkeep, in general your dogs needs will depend on their breed, the average short haired breed will benefit from a monthly bath and brush out to keep their coat in tip top condition. Longer haired breeds may need to be brushed daily to keep them mat free, especially after a wet and windy walk in our good old British weather! Breeds with continuously growing hair will need a regular brush out and a trim every few weeks to help keep their fur mat free and looking fabulous!

I'm Sue Orgar and as a fully professional groomer I have all the correct equipment to ensure your pet is bathed, brushed and trimmed calmly and safely.

Dog on grooming table in Hampshire

What is matting?

A mat starts as a small knot or tangle that just gets bigger as more hair and bits of dust and dirt get tied up in it. Much care needs to be taken when tackling a mat as it will pull on the dogs skin as you try to de-tangle and remove it. If your dog's hair is badly matted the only option may be to clip the coat very short or off completely as trying to brush through the mats will be very stressful and very very painful for your pet. A matted dog is an unhappy dog and a good professional groomer will not distress your dog further by trying to remove severe mats, sometimes a complete clip-off is a far kinder option.

looking after your pets
looking after your pets
looking after your pets
looking after your pets

Contact Your Local Dog Groomer

To book an appointment or to discuss your pet's requirements, please call me or email. I offer this service from my base in Overton to dog owners in the surrounding areas of Hampshire - including Kingsclere and Whitchurch. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

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